I'm Olly, a Camera Operator, Commercial Drone Pilot & Photographer based in Bristol in the U.K.

I specialise in shooting high end "Blue Chip" Wildlife sequences for TV and Film, as well as occasionally Sync, and have credits for production companies & channels such as the BBC, Nat Geo, Channel 5 and more. Alongside a strong technical competency with high end Cinema equipment, I have experience working with a range of specialist kit, from Gimbals & Motion Control Time-lapse rigs, to Drones, allowing me to adapt my shooting to cover a wide range of styles, building sequences & telling stories in unique & cinematic ways.

Alongside Wildlife, you'll find me shooting Adventure content (often advertising for brands), and Music promos in any gap possible between my main jobs! I'm an avid hiker, wild-camper and just general "explorer" (though I use that term very loosely compared to the Alfred Russell Wallace's of the world!), always looking for an excuse to walk a long way with a heavy rucksack and get to places people rarely bother trying to in search of untouched Wildlife & Landscapes.

I am a passionate Conservationist, and whilst I studied Documentary Film and not any of the Sciences at Uni, it has been in my blood since long before I considered a career playing with cameras. I shoot to hopefully inspire & educate people about the natural world, and feel incredibly lucky to be just a tiny cog in the huge and globally significant industry that is Natural History TV & Film production.

Below you can find a quick summary of my technical skills & some credits, should that be your thing, as well as a link to my CV.

However, whilst the Internet is all well and good for a quick glance, I would love to meet up, introduce myself in person and chat! Even if you don't have any upcoming projects, It'd be great to say hi, and if I'm not away on shoot I'm always up for a coffee or end of day beer!



Skills Overview

As I mentioned, you can find a link to my full latest CV below, but here are some quick highlights of what I can do!

Cinema / D.O.P

RED, Arri, Sony, Canon & Panasonic fluent, well versed in both extreme Long lens & specialist Gimbal work. Passionate about finding the best visuals to tell the story and translate the feeling.


Jungle, Mountain & Arctic Environments, on foot with large predators & specialist for physically strenuous shoots. Pack horse. Currently cold weather specialist.


Hand me the soldering iron! I've created specialist mammal nest box systems, underwater cameras, and love rebuilding kit to suit something new & unique!


UK PfCO holder, over 50 hours of Inspire 2 (x7/x5) flying in extreme weathers and locations across the globe for blue chip productions.


Where Am I Now ?

I can't always keep my 'Shoot Locations' up to date as a lot are top secret... but I'll do my best to keep this fun little "Where In The World Am I?" map going!


Contact Me

There is a full Contact page as well with a little more info including my email/mobile number and more, but I thought I'd put this quick little one anyway on the off chance you had any quick enquiries! 

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Credits & Clients


BBC Natural History Unit  • Plimsoll Productions • National Geographic • Arcane Roots • Ecotricity • Saatchi & Saatchi • Tate Modern • Motion Impossible • UEFA • Gucci • Natural England • Somerset Wildlife Trust • Gwent Wildlife Trust • Wayfarer Media • Wideopen Magazine • Marin Bikes • Hozier • Ed Sheeran • Barn on the Farm • Springwatch • Canon UK • Osprey Bags  & More...